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Your Face is Your Passport

The Leading Company in Digital Identity Products

AI Video’s Vision

AI Video Ltd is a software house developing digital identity verification and biometric tokenisation solutions for a wide variety of applications.


In today’s connected world more and more businesses and governments require verified, personal digital identity for applications including automated retail, international border control, security for offices and industrial facilities, on-line businesses, and many more.

For example, governments are seeking next generation automated immigration systems. Governments also require enhanced security for critical infrastructure. At the same time operators of critical infrastructure need faster security checks. The more general security sector seeks higher security and faster throughput with greater economy and efficiency.

Moving from traditional ID cards, passports and other documents to personal digital identity provides exciting opportunities for reduced operational costs. It delivers better security and a dramatically faster and easier end user experience.

AI Video’s products can safeguard investment in existing systems while using the data within these systems to generate powerful new applications.

Customers can ‘pick and mix’ functionality to meet their individual requirements and excitingly the technology can also be used to generate revenue to offset capital costs.

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