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AI Video Ltd. is a development company whose speciality is building bespoke facial recognition solutions that exactly meet customer needs in an ever changing environment.

We are value added resellers of Cognitec Systems, who are based in Dresden, Germany, and who are the oldest specialist facial recognition company anywhere in the world, having led the industry since 2002.

Today Cognitec´s products are trusted by governments and corporations. Furthermore their algorithms have been integrated into many other manufacturers' products and sold worldwide.

As system integrators we develop innovative solutions to clients’ needs based on Cognitec products with their world beating facial recognition algorithm.

To complete our offering we are able to complement our software solutions with the most advanced hardware through our partners Maple Computing Ltd. who can supply some of the best known system brands such as IBM, Dell, Nvidia and Lenovo to ensure the hardware provided maximises the use of our software.

Who are we?

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