Ai Video Smoothflow


Smartphone enrolment components

Enrolment using a smartphone is achieved with mobile apps for the painless ingestion of ID and other documents that can then be automatically verified against a variety of optional external data sources. The chip within passports and national identity documents can be automatically read and stored in the system.

The smartphone enrolment process provides easy enrolment for end users, coupled with a far higher level of security than is typically possible at present.

The enrolment apps are available either as a complete branded app or, alternatively, for embedding into customers’ existing mobile apps.

Self-service enrolment hardware components

For those who do not have access to a smartphone, AI Video can provide a booth that can be located in a public place where people are able to present their ID documents, fingerprints and where their facial image will be captured. Such booths are known in the industry as kiosks.

AI Video’s range of standard and customized kiosks are designed both for supervised and unsupervised locations.

Checkpoint hardware solutions

AI Video offer a range of proprietary e-gates, doors and interlocks that are fully integrated with the system and use the digital identity tokens of previously enrolled people to allow access.

The product range provides for secure access of personnel into facilities and, where appropriate, tracks their location where entry into certain areas is restricted. It can also be used to facilitate the smooth and rapid transit of passengers through international borders securely.

Product Component Overview