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Ai Video Lokator


Legacy CCTV Security solutions are often reliant on human staff attempting the impossible task of monitoring 100`s of camera feeds, in real time, to spot people of interest. When a person of interest is identified, radio communications were often used by the centralized CCTV monitoring team to direct security staff to the location of the target.

Such a solution is fraught with inaccuracies, communication delays and other inefficiencies with the potential for undesirable people to evade the system.


Ai Video’s Lokator leverages facial recognition technology to monitor all camera feeds. It removes all of the communications delays and potential for confusion by providing the photograph and the location of the person of interest directly to the security team members that Lokator knows to be in close proximity.


Lokator is a geo location modular application designed to be highly flexible in terms of its deployment. It is designed to integrate with and form a module of our Tickity solution or alternatively operate as a stand-alone solution to work in conjunction with any facial recognition system.

The core of Lokator is comprised of mobile apps and a back end.

For clients who already have their own apps, it should be a relatively simple process to add an SDK to embed Lokator functionality into the pre-existing apps.


Lokator adds a second method of ID verification by tying the location of the person being identified by facial recognition to their known physical location.

By using a second method of verification the false positives associated with facial recognition, are greatly reduced thus providing a 99.9% accuracy rate, which facial recognition systems alone are incapable of achieving.

Lokator apps are used both on your customers’ smart phones for event triggering as well as on your staff's smart phones for empowering them with real time information regarding the location of VIP`s as well as unauthorized people entering your facility.


Use Cases

Lokator is designed to track the person of interest as they move inside the premises and provide staff in close proximity to the person with the exact real time location of him or her, relative to the staff member’s location.

This is achieved by an audio visual alert being popped on an app installed on the staff member’s smart phone. Real time staff locations are accurately tracked.

Our solutions are highly customizable with user groups, alerting options, availability (log in/out on a break, in the WC, or in a meeting)

If the person of interest changes floor and moves rapidly through the premises, our solution will provide real time notifications to the closest member of the security team to aid in their apprehension.

As the suspect moves and becomes closer to another member of the security team, alerts may be automatically canceled and staff that are no longer in close proximity can be notified that they are no longer needed, thus saving wasted time and effort


Lokator is used to provide a second means of verification to ensure a greater level of certainty that the person being identified is the person that we think it is. Clearly if we know that 'individual 1' is physically walking towards camera A and at the same exact moment the facial recognition system identifies 'individual 1', then there can be little doubt that this is 'individual 1'!

Using location information, we are able to trigger events, before 'individual 1' arrives at a given point in their entry journey into your venue.

An example of this process is the security step, within out Tickity solution, within which, we withhold final entry instructions until the ticket holder is within a minute or two of entry. This approach makes it virtually impossible for any unauthorized person to enter without detection because they have no idea which lane to use to enter.

Ticket-less entry

Accurately pinpointing


Ticket-less entry

Ticket-less entry

Doormen and other staff receiving an image and the VIPś name can then recognize VIP`s and greet them by name

Bar staff can be alerted with an image with the VIP´s name and their preferences allowing for the VIP to arrive at the bar to be greeted by name with their favorite drink.

Casino staff can meet and greet the VIP and escort them to their favorite gaming tables.

Store staff can meet, greet and escort VIPś to their favorite departments.

Our solution can be configured to deliver any information items to staff, in real time, based on their current physical location, triggered by any facial recognition solution.

Accurately pinpointing


You have already deployed or are planning to implement a facial recognition solution which will be used to identify known individuals from watch lists. You have staff members that are equipped with Android or iPhone smart phones.

You wish to notify personnel who are in close physical proximity to the person identified by your facial recognition solution.

Our solution works well in any indoor or multi-storey location where GPS signals are unavailable

VIP Services

The Solution

We can provide our own market leading facial recognition solution from Cognitec.


We use Beacon technology in conjunction with Android and iPhone apps to capture the precise location, in real time, to an accuracy of centimeters, of the location of every member of your staff who has our app installed.

When the facial recognition solution identifies anyone in your watch list, our app will sound an audio visual alarm and pop an image of the identified person on the nearest staff-members smart phone.

Our solution is highly customizable to enable it to cater for many use cases.

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